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A collection of the sketches, aesthetic boards, and other random things used in developing or promoting dhand Origin Stories, it's characters, and it's world.

Bonus Art

Some character cards featuring the characters and the shadows they're living in.












Cover, sans text and logos.

I used to get a kick out of seeing cover art without all the details that make it a book cover. So, here's my cover.




















1990's anime remix

I have no good explanation here except that I thought of drawing the main characters of Secondhand Origin Stories as if it was a vintage anime. I guess because anime in the 90's so influenced my thoughts about stories and characters. Please note that the background is stolen from an episode of the original Sailor Moon anime, for that real, authentic look.





















Just in case anyone wanted to use a Second Sentinels character for an icon, somewhere. 























90s anime restyle.png
Jamie card.png
Issac card.png
Opal card.png
Yael card.png
wordless cover.png

Discarded covers

Each of these was a potential cover design for Secondhand Origin Stories, but was not used for one reason or another.
mignola cover web.png
SHOS 2.png
cover try 3.png
replacement cover.png
SHOS 3.png
SHOS 1.png

Aesthetic boards

Used to develop the characters, because I process things visually. You can source these & other visual inspiration for the series here.
Here is a meme I did on twitter with a wide range of random facts about the book.
The blueprint from the front of the book, enlargeable for your scrutiny. There is enough information in the
book to readily sort out which
apartment belongs to who.

Tea Blends

Sometimes I develop things visually, and sometimes I consider what flavors my characters would be if they were tea blends. I mean, doesn't everyone do this?
You can even buy and taste these here
Tea promo.png

Launch party

We had a great book launch at Moon Palace Books in Minneapolis!

Me and my book!


We had 4 home-made cheesecakes, each themed after one of the characters in the book, and each had a label giving some facts about that character.


Jack, the narrator of the audiobook, giving a live reading


We were very fortunate to have a rep from Limb Lab to come with real prosthesis for people to pick up and learn about.


The Jamie cheesecake- ginger and orange.


The Opal cheesecake- poached pear and sweet lemon curd


The Issac cheesecake- espresso and chocolate


The Yael cheesecake- coconut rainbow over banana bread with chocolate and peanut-butter chips.


Me, my wife/editor, and our baby


Our MC for the night- my friend Abby


We gave away tins of loose-leaf tea from our Adagio blends.


A selection of prosthesis provided by Limb Lab.


One of the tester limbs that could be manipulated via sensors or a phone app.

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