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Interviews, Reviews and other links

Guest Post for Stay on the Page where I talk about queer narratives, fanfiction, and how fanfiction saved me as a writer, a reader, and a young queer person in the 90s.
Interview and sample reading on The Sample Chapter Podcast.
Guest Post on YA Interrobang  on why I wrote superheros. "I want to tell stories about heroes that aren’t just about bravery. Heroism takes courage, but only empathy can turn courage into justice."
Review on Fandomentals "A gem among superhero stories that focuses on the margins and disability in a superpowered world."
Interview on Fandomentals "I think being queer (and disabled) informs a lot of the way I think about bodies, changes to bodies, social vs private spaces, and family. I hope this gives my work a flavor and a focus that sets me apart from a lot of the mainstream superhero stories."
Character interview comic strips from ReadWriteLove
Guest Post on the inspirations for the book on The Book Voyagers
"I see a lot of fights that need fighting. I'm a multiply-disabled, queer therapist who spends their work days embedded in systems of addiction, trauma, criminal justice, disability, and public assistance. If I was going to write superheroes, I wanted to write stories of hope, and community, and fighting spirit."
Guest Post on LJ Hamlin's blog about how my experience with disability and how it informed this book. "I wrote a superhero book about disability."
Review and excerpt on Provocatrix.
"Blauersouth has blessed us with a powerful and socially relevant book that emphasizes sensitivity, diversity, and acceptance"
Character Interview with Yael
"Well…I’m 17. My papa is Helix, the superhero, so you’ve heard of him. I’ve been training to be a superhero…pretty much forever. Everyone on the team says I’m gonna be really good at it. I have superpowers, obviously. The usual super strength, super healing all that junk. I also have two others that….I probably shouldn’t…talk about. Right now. Uhm. I use xe/xyr pronouns but I’m not too used to telling people that. I like drawing, comic books, and being around animals."
Book Review on The Book Maiden
"I can’t wait to read the next book in the series."
Book Review and Quotes on Little Miss Bookworm
"Yes, this book is about superheroes, but they’re battling with more than just good guys beating bad guys." 
Author Interview on That Bookshelf Bitch
"Also, I had an urge to see heroes facing down the foes that I consider most dangerous- institutional racism, ableism, homophobia. The abuses of our criminal justice system. The people really killing us wear suits and uniforms, not capes."
Book Review on The Hufflepuffnerdette
Book Review on Vee Reading
"I also really liked how character-driven this novel was. I’m a sucker for good character development, and this book definitely delivered on that front!"
Book Review on Flying Paperbacks
"I think the thing I found really interesting was how Lee expanded on the psychological and physical costs of superhero abilities, which we don’t see in superhero movies often"
Book Review on The Bookish Wisps
"Secondhand Origin Stories has a character-driven plot, a captivating and empowering read."
Book Review on Fanna's blog.
"Secondhand Origin Stories is a superhero fiction that doesn’t simply include tight suites, godly strength, and world-saving; instead, it’s a journey of four young people who try saving the world while discovering themselves."
Book Review on The Bookshelf Bitch
"You know those stories that you only realized you desperately needed to read while reading them? This is one of them. Effective writing, impressive world-building, wonderfully intricate plot, well-delivered action sequences, and a tremendous impact that unfailingly resonates with the heart of humanity."
Book Review on Bookish and Awesome
"Heavily character-driven, Lee Blauersouth’s Secondhand Origin Stories is less a superhero novel and more a novel about a dysfunctional family of superheroes. And that makes for a more compelling narrative."
Excerpt on Utopia State of Mind
“I’ve seen ones like you before. Sometimes. Sol was one, actually. Long time ago. You got stars in your eyes.”
Book Review on Spines in a Line
"Somehow, the author managed the perfect balance of character development and expanding their stories with the more plot-driven side involving action and bad guys and superhero powers!"
Book Review on The Backwards Bookshelf
"Secondhand Origin Stories is all about how a new generation of superheroes, equipped with lessons they learned from their parents’ mistakes, band together to unearth their families’ dangerous secrets, kick butt, and look badass while doing that."
100 Thoughts While Reading on The Backwards Bookshelf


45. OH MY GOD.


Book Review on Candid Ceillie

"If you were a fan of Dreadnought, I think you’ll enjoy Secondhand Origin Stories."

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